Rural Broadband Community Search

The Rural Development Broadband Loan Program is committed to ensuring that rural America has access to affordable, reliable broadband service through loans for rural communities. 

This search tool is designed to allow the public to:

  • Find information about RUS funded Broadband Loans
  • To search for community information by company, county or state and community name


Special Note to Potential Loan Applicants: Communities associated with approved applications are no longer eligible for RUS funding. In addition, towns where the Agency has an active telecom borrower providing broadband service are not eligible for funding. For a list of active Telecom borrowers, go to:

This search tool is based on community data detailed in submitted Rural Development Broadband Loan applications from companies and matched with US Census data. Communities are cities, towns and rural areas found in the decennial census data. See Search results only include communities where Broadband deployment is funded or may be funded. A “No results” message indicates that we currently do not have a pending or approved company on file for the community you are searching for. Please also check our list of Pilot Communities being served by pilot program companies.