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Everything begins with mining!

It doesn't matter who you are, without the hundreds of thousands of material benefits that come from the mining industry, your world would be completely different from the way you now live. Without mining, there would be no agriculture or transportation, no manufacturing or retailing, no schools or hospitals, no national defense, and certainly none of the scientific advancements that we have come to take for granted.

There is no question that mining must disturb the earth. But it's important to balance our society's need for minerals, metals and fuels with our environment in mind.

The Mining Rocks! curriculum explores the topic of mining as it relates to supply and demand, which supports an innovative look at the modern world and the relationship between mining and those products we both need and want in our everyday lives.

Mining Rocks! hosts an elementary curriculum and a high school curriculum. The resources are available at no charge, and can be downloaded and reproduced within the school environment without copyright infringements.

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