Clarendon Foundation is a high-tech nonprofit organization that uses three major processes — wireless modems, wireless technology and educational curriculums — to support the deployment of wireless broadband Internet access in 22 communities across the U.S.

The Clarendon Foundation recognizes the importance of a quality education and dedicates the majority of its focus to the education curriculums and the creative learning opportunities that are made available through its wireless technology and innovation. We are proud of our creative programs and the curriculums within our project library, as they make available a wide range of resource materials for students and teachers alike.

We are always striving to update our existing projects and to add new and innovative resources for our school affiliates.

To date, we have the following projects available are classroom resources:

Additionally, we have supported the making of two independent short videos: We Use Math and George Bush: The Making of a Leader. Both videos are extremely well done and are available for viewing from our website.

We also participated in making a landmark opportunity of diversity celebration between the students of Arapahoe High School and the Arapahoe Tribal Nation Wind River Indian Reservation, when elders of the Arapahoe Tribal Nation returned to the high school, interacting with students and performing traditional ceremonies designed to rekindle and renew the relationship between the Arapahoe tribal Nation and the school community. This event was not only significant, but will be remembered by the school community for many years to come. It is events like these that the Clarendon Foundation is proud to be a part of, not only for the educational opportunities they offer, but for the sharing of cultures. The process of sharing increases understanding, tolerance and respect, which in turn develop the relationship skills that are so important for today's youth.

We invite you to use our resources freely and invite your feedback.