Clarendon Provides Tablets for Martin Luther Grammar School

Shortly after Amazon’s Kindle Fire was announced, MLGS began preparing to introduce these fantastic and affordable touchscreen tablets to our classrooms, with one for each student. The Clarendon Foundation donated funding for some Kindle Fires, portable 4G Wi-Fi modems, and several computers, all of which was a much-appreciated addition to the Kindles given by other donors. The new electronic equipment makes use of mobile WiMAX, a 4G broadband wireless Internet access network here in Sheridan, Wyoming, and it also uses Clearwire/Sprint and Views on Learning.

The combination of tablets, computers, and mobile wireless Internet access that were made available to MLGS through the Clarendon Foundation has been a great fit with the classical Lutheran education we offer. Every student’s Kindle Fire at Martin Luther Grammar School (MLGS) now has the English Standard Version Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, and Angry Birds (for use during occasional indoor recess time over our long, cold winters here in northern Wyoming). The tablets for students in the upper-grades classroom also have Beowulf and George Grant’s Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt (Leaders in Action), and they are preparing to read Gulliver’s Travels.

How has access to this technology helped our students? Sometimes it helps to look at one person instead of at the entire group.

Warren R. is a confident young man who is now halfway through fifth grade, but he has been a blessing to the MLGS in Sheridan ever since he arrived on campus as a half-day kindergartener. Warren has enjoyed reading from our extensive downstairs school library over the last two and a half years, working his way through titles like Small Tools Handbook for Boys; How to Tune-up Your Car; Car Electrical Systems; Boy’s Book of Science; and Woodworking Tool Book.

We knew that Warren has struggled with test anxiety, however, so we wanted to help him transition to the next stage in his educational journey by customizing some curricular content and outside reading for him. We decided to add The Hidden Treasure of Glaston by Eleanore M. Jewett to his Kindle Fire. This book was a Newbery Honor winner.

We believe access to these resources has been, and will continue to be, both a help and an inspiration to Warren, even as he continues to inspire us with his compassion, his model of the Christian life as a young man, and his developing work ethic. We think he will test well on the ASVAB someday, and that he will also do well in his future career. That career might involve animals, agriculture, electronics, engines, or other things, but we know that he will be successful when his mind, heart, and hands all work together.