Clarendon Foundation is an edTech nonprofit foundation.

We are committed to providing communication technology and educational programs to schools, communities, and government.

We accomplish our mission through initiatives in the following areas:

  • Produce, acquire, and disseminate noncommercial cultural and educational programming, and related instructional and informational content;
  • Provide public-interest programming and production assistance to public, educational, and governmental access channels;
  • Foster the development, deployment, and use of next-generation wireless broadband technologies, including Internet telephony, multicast video programming, Internet Protocol television, computer-integrated video, mobile TV, podcasts, and interactive delivery services;
  • Support the deployment of advanced wireless services to unserved and underserved communities;
  • Acquire and use licensed broadcast spectrum for the digital two-way delivery of instructional video and audio streams, and online educational content to accredited institutions and governmental organizations;
  • Transmit digital video, audio feeds, voice, and file data to further the educational mission of accredited public and private schools, colleges, and universities that are providing a formal educational and cultural development to enrolled students;
  • Provide fixed, portable, and mobile wireless broadband access and data transmission capabilities to students enrolled in courses for academic credit, to faculty for in-service training, and to staff for administrative traffic;
  • Provide educators, students, and the general public with integrated access to high-speed data, advanced forms of telecommunications, intelligent multimedia systems, and electronic information resources;
  • Promote the delivery of wireless broadband communication technologies designed for security, public safety, emergency response, homeland defense, and disaster relief applications; and
  • Sponsor and participate in online video conferencing, multimedia electronic imaging, and data-delivery services for educational, cultural, informational, and public-interest content.