57488 Abilene, TX B WLX369 10/09/11 Xanadoo yes
79559 Alamosa, CO D WNC802 07/22/16 Clearwire  
11655 Anchorage, AK D WNC386 08/12/14 Clearwire yes
85233 Auburn/Opelika, AL G WND324 03/20/18 Auburn BB  
80933 Casper, WY D WQCR282 05/06/15 Clearwire  
80537 Columbus, OH G WND514 03/05/19 Clearwire  
11656 Des Moines, IA C WQCR554 05/09/15 Clearwire  
87914 Eureka, CA G WND238 10/31/17 Clearwire  
80167 Fairbanks, AK G WNC729 06/05/16 Clearwire  
65550 Flagstaff, AZ D WNC288 05/27/14 CommSpeed no
80007 Grand Junction, CO G WQCP374 04/21/15 Clearwire  
79595 Hot Springs, AR A WND347 04/20/18 Clearwire  
11654 Las Vegas, NV D WLX803 02/18/13 Clearwire yes
80169 Lewiston, ID A WND403 06/10/18 Clearwire yes
55639 Lubbock, TX C WLX689 01/11/11 Xanadoo yes
57483 Midland, TX B WLX316 09/04/11 Xanadoo
42674 Milwaukee, WI C WAU27 10/24/14 Clearwire  
79695 Parkersburg, WV B WNC938 10/03/17 Visual Link  
80483 Sebring, FL C WNC903 08/22/17 Clearwire  
80999 Sheridan, WY D WNC796 07/05/16 Clearwire  
307290 Springfield, IL C WND579 05/29/11 Xanadoo yes
80785 Wenatchee, WA B WQCM439 04/06/15 Clearwire yes
N/A Nonexclusive Nationwide (N/A) NN WQKE306 05/01/19 N/A  

NOTE: All of the licenses listed above are for EBS spectrum (2.5 Gigahertz), except the last entry, which is a Nonexclusive Nationwide (NN) license for 3.65 - 3.7 Gigahertz spectrum. The NN license is not activated until base stations have been registered with the FCC. The channels licensed to Clarendon Foundation will be leased to wireless operators for use in deploying mobile WiMAX networks.  

Interactive Table

This Inventory of EBS Licenses and Leases is an "interactive" table. The Market, Channel Group, Call Sign, Lessee, and Coverage Map columns are linked to database information and relevant documents, as explained below.The data in the Facility Identification and Expiration columns are not interactive.  

Summary of Links

Market > ULS Database Entry for EBS License

The name of the Market is linked to the FCC's Universal Licensing System (ULS) Database entry for the EBS License for that particular Market. The database contains a complete history of the FCC administrative actions related to that license. (The last license is a 3.65 GHz Non-exclusive Nationwide License, not a 2.5 GHz EBS License.)  

Channel Group > Geographical Service Area Map

The Channel Group letter (A-D, G) is linked to the map of the Geographical Service Area (GSA) for each EBS License. The GSA is a circle with a 35-mile radius from the original licensed transmission site. The linked map is a screen capture image with the boundaries of the Basic Trading Area (BTA) shown. (The licensed area for commercial BRS spectrum is the BTA.) The GSA is the area where the EBS channels are “protected” from harmful electronic interference. (For more information, see also “Maps” below.)

The map for the NN license is an FCC map of the United States showing exclusion zones where grandfathered satellite earth stations have priority. NN Licensees are not permitted to register base stations that would produce harmful electronic interference in the exclusion zones.

Call Sign > License Certificate

The Call Sign is linked to a scanned copy of the Radio Station Authorization (License Certificate) for the EBS spectrum in the identified market. The license contains any waivers or conditions and the license grant and expiration dates.  

Lessee > ULS Database Entry for Spectrum Leasing Arrangement Application

The name of the Lessee (the wireless operator that has leased Clarendon’s excess airtime) is linked to the ULS Database entry for the Application for a Spectrum Leasing Arrangement that was submitted to the FCC. This application contains information about the EBS Licensee and Lessee (Operator), certifications concerning ownership and operations, and other general information.  

Coverage Map > Link to map on Wireless Operators Website

The Coverage Map is linked to a map on the Lessee’s website of the area being served by the wireless network in which Clarendon’s EBS channels are being used. Links are only provided to networks where service has been launched. To date, the wireless operators that have leased EBS spectrum from Clarendon Foundation have constructed networks in seven of the 22 markets. A Coverage Map is not yet available for the Flagstaff, Arizona market (indicated by the “no”). (For more information, see the “Maps” page of this section of the website.)   Note: Coverage Maps provided by WiMAX operators are for illustration purposes only and are not a guarantee that adequate service is available. Coverage levels and service quality may vary.