Interactive Maps

Here you can access online interactive map tools.

The FCC has added maps for the Geographical Service Area for each EBS license in the Universal Licensing System (ULS) database. GSAs for EBS spectrum have circular boundaries with a 35 mile radius. The maps show county boundaries of Basic Trading Areas and other geographically defined areas.

To assist potential customers in determining whether service is available in their area, Clearwire and Xanadoo have posted maps of the coverage for broadband wireless Internet access networks that have been deployed. These maps are also useful in determining if receive sites are within the market coverage area.

You will also find an interactive global map of WiMAX networks on the website of the WiMAX Forum, an industry trade association.

Connected Nation, a nonprofit organization, is working with state and local government officials and major telecommunications companies to produce interactive state maps that display the availability of broadband access down to the street level, and corresponding data by census block.

Spectrum Bridge provides maps of unused broadcast spectrum by type of license and also has a special section for available rural broadband spectrum.

ComSearch has developed a free map search tool for 3.65 Gigahertz spectrum to help licensees protect incumbent users and avoid harmful electronic interference. This map incorporates data from the Federal Communications Commission Universal Licensing System.

An interactive map for Broadband Community Search is provided by the Rural Development division of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. The regulations for Department of Agriculture loans prohibit federal funding of new applications in communities where another applicant has an active loan.

Switch Super Network Access Point in Las Vegas has developed an interactive national map of fiber optic backbone routes of over 20 operators.

NEF, Inc. has compilted an interactive mapping tool to locate fiber optic backbone of over 70 carriers in 120 markets.

To assist Data Centers in locating new facilities or relocating, NEF offers an interactive map that plots the cost of electricity in cents-per-kilowatt hour by state.