Geographical Service Area Maps On FCC Universal Licensing System Database

Here you can access online maps for the Geographical Service Area for each EBS license in the Universal Licensing System (ULS) section of the FCC website.

The map of the Geographical Service Area (GSA) for each EBS License can be found in the ULS Database on the FCC website. The GSA is a circle with a 35-mile radius from the original licensed transmission site that was selected by the licensee to serve the receive site schools. The GSA is the area where the EBS channels are “protected” from harmful electronic interference from operators in adjacent markets.

A sample map for an EBS license in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is shown below. You will note that a green area on a GSA map is land and a blue area is water (lake or ocean).

The boundaries of the Basic Trading Area (BTA) are overlaid on the map. The BTA boundaries are county boundaries. Some GSAs cover more than one state.) Other geographical areas can also be selected in the ULS database. (See “Map Options” table below.) The licensed area for commercial BRS spectrum is the BTA. Operators generally design a cellular network to cover the market defined by the BTA.

To find the GSA map for a license in the ULS database, search for the license by call sign. Pull up the ULS Database entry. Click on the link for “Map License” under the call sign heading near the top of the ULS Database screen.

The GSA map on the ULS is interactive. The Map Navigational Tools can be used to enlarge the map. You can also reenter the map by selecting “ReCenter” and then clicking on a new center point. (The GSA center point is indicated by a red dot.)

Check the appropriate boxes under Map Options to overlay one or more sets of geographical boundaries. (Detailed instructions here.)