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Wireless Broadband Industry Directory

This is an Industry Directory of operators, companies, institutions, organizations, and government agencies that are working together to deploy broadband wireless data networks and Internet access services. The Directory is presented in categories. Each of the listed entities has its own website. The links to the websites are provided in this section along with contact information.

Please note that all of the email addresses in this website have extra spaces added to block spam bots that crawl websites. (See the last line of this introductory text for an example.) This means you will have to manually retype the email addresses that are found here.

Most of the categories are self explanatory. "National Filer" is the name given to an educational institution or nonprofit organization that files applications for Educational Broadband Licenses (EBS) in markets other than where it is located. Most EBS licenses are held by "Local Filers" who serve the communities in which they are located. A National Filer must establish elgibility under the FCC regulations by serving local accredited educational institutions offering courses to enrolled students for academic credit. Those local institutions are referred to as "Receive Sites." There are 8 National Filers, and over 1,500 Local Filers. National Filers hold licenses in multiple markets. Clarendon Foundation has licenses in 21 markets across the country.

EBS/BRS Support Services includes telecommunications engineers, spectrum valuation firms, fiber location services, online spectrum marketers, and consultants. (BRS is the abbreviation for Broadband Radio Service.) The Support Service companies are hired by the educational community (EBS Licensees), as well as commerical operators (BRS Licensees). There is a separate listing for Attorneys, who are involved in licensing and leasing 2.5 Gigahertz spectrum.

A list of "Free Online Industry News Sources" can be found under the Knowledge Base section of the website Welcome page (in the white area of the screen). There you will find links to a wide array of magazines, online newsletters, email alert services, news feeds, webinars, and other resources.

Please notify us if you find any errors in the information below, or if there are other entities that need to be added. You can send an email to info @ clarendon.tv