connected nation

Interactive State Broadband Inventory Maps

Connected Nation is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to expand access to and use of broadband and related technology. It is working with state and local government officials and major telecommunications companies to produce interactive state maps that display the availability of broadband access down to the street level, and corresponding data by census block.

Maps are currently available for six states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Minnesota, and South Carolina. There is a separate website for each state that displays state maps, county maps, and an interactive map.

Connected Nation is working with the federal government to provide a comprehensive nationwide inventory of existing broadband service. It regularly updates the maps, which are used by policy makers to identify unserved and underserved areas. Statewide maps and maps of counties are produced.

Connected Nation provides interfaces on its website that allow individuals to identify broadband providers at selected street addresses. Maps display highways, water, and shaded areas where broadband is likely to be available. Users can zoom into their particular location. Reports from users on the state website page provide a means for Connected Nation to verify and refine the coverage maps.

Connected Nation has released a report on "The Economic Impact of Stimulating Broadband Nationally." This study examines the potential by state of legislation that accelerates the access and use of broadband service. This information is particularly useful in preparing an application for a broadband stimulus grant.