Clarendon Foundation, Inc.
Corporate Transparency

Clarendon Foundation, Inc. is committed to corporate transparency in its organization and operations. You can learn more about our tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation by viewing the documents and resources on this page.

Clarendon Foundation, Inc. was organized in 1991 as a nonprofit (nonstock) corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Name Change Certificate: The corporation changed its name from “The Clarendon Foundation” to “Clarendon Foundation, Inc.” in 2007.

Virginia Corporate ID for Clarendon Foundation, Inc.: 03723277

Annual Report: The Clerk's Office in the Secretary of State maintains an online database of Annual Reports filed by Virginia corporations. You will need the Virginia Corporate ID.

Certificate of Good Standing: You may also contact the Clerk’s Office by phone at (804) 371-9733 to verify that Clarendon Foundation is currently in good standing and to get the names of the current corporate directors and officers. You will need to provide the customer service representative in the Clerk's Office with the Virginia Corporate ID.

Internal Revenue Service

Recognition as an Exempt Organization: The Foundation operates as a tax exempt organization. Its primary mission is to provide free broadband wireless access to accredited private, parochial, and public educational institutions. Clarendon’s employer identification number (EIN) is 54-1589699.

Federal Communications Commission

Ownership Disclosure Statement: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted the Foundation licenses in 21 markets and a nonexclusive nationwide broadband license.

You can find the public records of Clarendon Foundation’s Educational Broadband Service licenses by conducting search in the FCC’s Universal Licensing System database. You can search by:

  • "Clarendon Foundation" (exact matches)
  • Clarendon's FCC Registration Number (or FRN), which is 00060546134.

A list of the Foundation's Licenses and Leases can also be found in the Markets and Maps section on this website.