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Clarendon Provides Tablets for MLGS


Shortly after Amazon’s Kindle Fire was announced, MLGS began preparing to introduce these fantastic and affordable touchscreen tablets to our classrooms, with one for each student. The Clarendon Foundation donated funding for some Kindle Fires, portable 4G Wi-Fi modems, and several computers, all of which was a much-appreciated addition to the Kindles given by other donors. The new electronic equipment makes use of mobile WiMAX, a 4G broadband wireless Internet access network here in Sheridan, Wyoming, and it also uses Clearwire/Sprint and Views on Learning.

The combination of tablets, computers, and mobile wireless Internet access that were made available to MLGS through the Clarendon Foundation has been a great fit with the classical Lutheran education we offer. Read more...

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Clarendon Foundation is a high-tech nonprofit organization that uses three major processes to support the deployment of wireless broadband Internet access in 22 communities across the U.S.

  • slide3Wireless Modems

    The Clarendon Foundation provides wireless modems to a number of partner schools at little or no cost. Wireless modems allow Internet access for laptop and portable computers and eliminate the need for a wired connection.  Learn More >

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    The Clarendon Foundation believes that education is the key to empowering young people. Wireless technology has the ability to enhance the scholastic experience of young people in the 22 communities where it operates, but modems alone are not enough.    Learn More >

  • slide1Educational Curriculums

    The Clarendon Foundation recognizes the importance of a quality education and dedicates the majority of its focus to the education curriculums and the creative learning opportunities that are made available through its wireless technology and innovation.   Learn More >

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